Christian Perspective

A History of World Civilizations from a Christian Perspective by Jerry Pattengale, General Editor

Typically world history textbooks focus on describing past ideologies and events that have had significant impact on the creation of the present day world. Unfortunately these books don’t cover the Judeo-Christian contribution, totally neglecting the role of providence. As a result, the students only learn about the chronology of warring ideologies. However, “A History of World Civilizations from a Christian Perspective” by Jerry Pattengale, Ph.D., General Editor, reveals historic events from a different angle. This book is based on research conducted by notable Christian scholars from various Christian and secular institutions. It provides a Christian perspective of the world history, emphasizing the dynamic interaction between God and man as well as the eternal efforts to create meaning in a complex world. This book is sure to become a significant contribution to the academic world, offering readers the new approach to understanding important historic events.