CampusBookRentals Helps Students Save on Textbooks

TrianglePublishing Forbes Magazine

Saving is vital for students and more and more college undergraduates decrease their expenses on textbooks by renting them rather than buying. One of the best sources for the broadest selection of textbooks and other books students may need during the studying is CampusBookRentals, ranked one of America's most promising companies by FORBES Magazine.
More than one million students across about 6,000 campuses have a regular practice of renting their textbooks from CampusBookRentals. It's not a secret that textbooks lose their value by the time the course is over, making it difficult to compensate your purchasing costs with buyback. But by renting your college books you will never use again you get your money's worth right away. For example, students have saved $113,715,753.12 on their books over the past 6 years so far. And this is only the beginning.
Another benefit of renting your used books is that it is extremely easy. Forget about going to the bookstores because CBR offers every title in new or slightly-used condition online. Just search CampusBookRentals to find books you need for all your classes. So, rent your books at CampusBookRentals and make your college life a little bit less expensive.
CampusBookRentals has pioneered textbook rentals in 2007, started by Alan Martin, who was a student when he founded the company. Knowing what it is like to pay for over-priced textbooks Alan came up with the idea of renting textbooks. Since that time the company has rented over 1 million textbooks, offering top-notch service to students on just about every campus in the country. Students can rent textbooks at less than half price, and if they decide to keep the book instead of renting it, they can just pay the difference. Plus, the company offers a 21 day risk free guarantee so the customers can return the book for any reason within 21 days and get their money back.
TrianglePublishing Books CampusBookRentals is passionate about continually delivering value to students. Great examples are the recent RentBack program and Textbook Buybacks that allows students to retain ownership of their books, send them to CampusBookRentals, and the company rents them out to other students and sends them the money. This way students can make 2-4 times as much money on their books than they would make by selling them back. Another opportunity to multiply the amount of you saving is to use Campus Book Rentals Coupon Codes and get access to enticing deals.