The Back-to-School Book List for the Educated Teacher and Parent

TrianglePublishing Counterfeit Kids

As the summer is drawing to the end students, teachers, and parents are returning to school routines. The best way to remind us that learning never stops, even after our formal years of schooling have long gone, explore our own curiosities or learn something new is to read a good book. Whether you are a parent, a teacher or a college student just grab your mug of tea or coffee and curl up with some of the following books about public education recommended by In this list you will find books offering insider look into what is happening in the teacher's lounge, as well as books containing useful tips on new learning strategies and student motivation.

TrianglePublishing Teachers Lounge

The author of "Counterfeit Kids: Why Our Students Can't Think and How to Save Them" is by Rod Baird, a high school English teacher and published writer. By reading this book you will get an insider's glimpse of behind -the-scenes of "award-winning" high schools. Baird shares his own classroom experiences and analyzes why today's parents are so obsessed with college acceptance at any cost. He also shares some witty personal anecdotes to illustrate how the present day culture and the system of education change meeting the demands of the college rat race sacrificing children's imaginations, individuality, and creativity, their very humanity. In his book Baird touches upon today's educational challenges and expresses the opinion that the mission of public education is to nurture young people, but unfortunately it is totally neglected.

TrianglePublishing Breaking The Silence

"The Teachers' Lounge (Uncensored): A Funny, Edgy, Poignant Look at Life in the Classroom", by Kelly Flynn, is a confession in love to teachers and a reprimand to politicians and corporate reformers who don't see the true picture. In this age of data-driven reform, author Kelly Flynn stresses the importance of anecdotes, true stories about the classroom, which, in fact, are true data, and a valid argument for introducing a change. With numerous anecdotes from her 20-year teaching career, Flynn describes life in the classroom and proves that the present day corporatized reform fails to benefit students and teachers alike.

TrianglePublishing Teaching To The Child

M. Shannon Hernandez in her book "In Breaking the Silence: My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher" states that America's public school system has many flaws, and can explain why. With fifteen years of the teaching experience, Shannon had to leave the occupation she was so passionate about. She describes the final forty days of her teaching career so that the readers could understand the urgent need for school reform. This book focuses on the challenges many teachers confront with while trying to strike a balance between advocating for and meeting students' needs, and the problem of disconnected education policy. The author says thank you to her students and colleagues, and foresees the coming reforms in the system of education as a whole.

TrianglePublishing Teaching U.S. History

"Teaching to the Child", by Lori Fettner, tells about amazing children who came to her classroom without any skills, and the progress they made that no test could possibly assess. Reading this book, teachers will find many useful ideas and activities that could be applied to the teaching process. The author emphasizes the importance of refocusing not on testing, but on teaching to the child and sheds light on the system itself.

"Teaching U.S. History Beyond the Textbook", is written by Yohuru Williams, a history educator, who describes a unique approach to make it easy for middle and high school teachers to develop students' critical thinking when learning history and social studies. This exciting guideline to using a "CSI approach" to history features six strategies designed to make learning history thrilling and engage students' natural curiosity and investigative skills. Pupils turn into detectives who research the past while ghost-hunting in their neighborhoods, solve historical crime scenes, write arguments for famous court cases, and more. The author suggests incorporating these strategies into the classrooms and demonstrates how students can use primary and secondary sources to solve historical mysteries. The book has sample lessons and case studies for Grades 5-12 and features review questions along with Web and print resources in every chapter for further reading.

TrianglePublishing Reinventing Education

"Reinventing Education, Hope, and the American Dream: The Challenge for Twenty-First Century America", by Mel Hawkins, criticizes the on-going reforms in education and expresses the opinion that teachers are not faulty for the problems in education. The book focuses on the reasons so many children are failing and offers a strategic action plan to 1) realign the educational process so as to better support both teachers and students, 2) to engage parents as partners with their children's teachers, and 3) to deal with the disbelief in the value of education on the part of some American parents. The 33 specific guidelines emphasize the subject mastery with a focus on success and are designed to help integrate real and sustainable accountability into the educational process and establish the long-lasting relationships between schools and the local communities they must serve.

TrianglePublishing Chalkboard Jungle

"Chalkboard Jungle: One Teacher's Struggle to Survive in the American Public School System", written by Barbara Kovacks, describes the experiences of a young teacher Brenda. She is a middle school math teacher, who has just started working at school with the greatest of hope. She comes across numerous challenges like difficult children, unsupportive parents, and an overbearing administration. Gradually her enthusiasm burns out and she loses hope altogether when her students get low scores on the state's standardized exams. By the second year, she faces the threat of losing her job because of the previous years' low test scores. Her only real support during this difficult time is her friend and fellow math teacher Mr. Fisher who also has failed to meet the testing requirements mandated by the state.

TrianglePublishing It Wasnt in The Lesson Plan

"It Wasn't in the Lesson Plan", by Anne Tenaglia, contains a series of stories about the author's own students. For 37 years Anne Tenaglia had been teaching in Philadelphia's public schools. The book touches upon a little-discussed topic: what teachers learn from their students. A teacher won't find everything he or she should know in a textbook or course, but it's hands-on experience which helps a teacher make the opportunities for students to learn their own way. Music, perseverance, respect, and humor are the key aspects that help most students become enthusiastic about learning.

TrianglePublishing Social Context Reform

"Social Context Reform: A Pedagogy of Equity and Opportunity", Brad Porfilio, Julie Gorlewski, Paul R. Carr, and P.L. Thomas, features a collection of essays from leading critical scholars who discuss the complex issues of social context reform. In this volume a term of Social Context Reform was proposed by Paul Thomas. Social Context Reform argues for educational change within an all inclusive program to reform social inequity, including access to health care, food, full employment, higher wages and job security. Since the early 1980s policy, public discourse, media coverage, and scholarly works have stressed the importance of reforming schools themselves. Here, the idea that school-only reform does not work is expressed, along with a call for expanding the discourse and policy that relate to education reform so that social, school, and classroom reform would work together to meet the objectives of democracy, equity, and opportunity both in and through public education.

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