Back to School: Why Everyone Deserves A Second Chance at Education by Mike Rose

According to daunting statistics about 45 percent of postsecondary students in the U.S. these days do not enroll in college right after graduating from high school and many study part-time. As a result, there is a growing number of the "nontraditional" college students and this is becoming the norm. "Back to School" is the first book that looks into the educational institutions that meet the needs of an increasing population of those who need a second chance. The book researches the options that higher education has to offer to the quickly changing society and why it is vital to support the institutions that enable millions of Americans to improve their life.
Mike Rose uses the anecdotal style to describe rich and moving characters of people in difficult circumstances who strive to change their life, who get a second or sometimes third chance and in the long run reinvent themselves as educated, engaged citizens. Rose underlines that the country's economic and civic future depends mostly on the health of the institutions that offer higher education to millions of everyday people, not just the top twenty universities in the country, and describes a truthful picture of the community colleges and adult education programs that help so many people make their dreams about getting to college and reaching their aspirations come true. This book is available at Check out Amazon Coupon Codes to see whether you can get the book with a discount. Other useful online sources to check when looking for books on education are Campus Book Rentals, Textbookrush,, Powells Books and Christian Book Distributors.